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hoshi writing today.

there have been lots of not-daddy humans around lately. earlier this week, somebody came in really briefly when daddy wasn't even home, and left shiny things on the counter. we went and knocked them on the floor, in protest. we think it may have been mommy, but we're not sure. it was all very confusing and upsetting.

then last night daddy had another human in to visit. we were pretty suspicious, and hid for a while... eventually we came out to get dinner, check on the interesting smells from the kitchen (what does tikka masala mean?), and investigate the funny human. she seemed ok. daddy says her name is dragondawn420. we were just starting to think maybe we were safe, when some other human showed up, and walked back and forth across the apartment a bit, then left with the shiny things we'd just gotten. daddy says that was housepet, and that we should be nice to her because she's going to feed us. we think being fed is a good thing, but we don't see why daddy can't just feed us himself.

after dinner dd and daddy sat down for a while in front of the glowy box, and we came and curled up with daddy and stared at the other person on the other end of the couch. tsuki even walked over and stood in dd's lap a moment, but then decided she wasn't quite sure yet that dd was safe.

we were very displeased when daddy let dd sleep on our side of the bed, and moved our fleeces down to the foot. it was sorta ok -- i still got to snuggle under the covers next to daddy for a while like i always do, and then sis and i snuggled on the fleece. but we were a touch nervous. what if the strange new human turned out to be a cat-eater?

then this morning when he changed the litter, daddy moved the litterbox into the guest bathroom. the last time he did that, he disappeared for a whole week. wordweaverlynn came and took care of us, and that was sorta ok, but we missed our daddy. he should not go away like that. mean daddy.

he's been giving us lots of snuggles today, but we still think he should stop letting weird new humans invade The Universe. and he should definitely not go away for a week again. *pout*

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