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a whole new world...

just when we'd started getting accustomed to having the universe much sparser in the furniture department -- kinda annoying since there was less stuff to climb on or hide under, but still interesting, since there was more room to run around -- we got packed into the box, and when it opened, there was our furniture again, and a bunch of those same boxes, but all rearranged... for a few days we hid out under the bed. once we decided it was safe to come out a bit, daddy started offering us treats to come outside the bedroom, and now we've explored the new universe a fair bit. it's pretty neat. it has stairses, like domesticpanther told us about! and the wood floors are cool for batting things around on. like linoleum, only more-so!

there's another human here though. he looks a little like daddy, but with no beard, and blond hair. pretty, but we don't yet know for sure that he doesn't eat cats. but he's been gone all weekend, so we came out and did lots of exploring... now that we know how to get around, where to hide, and so on, we may have to investigate a bit more, once he comes back.

  • wait, a sister is another kitty?

    oh noes, there is another kitty in our house! she keeps walking around poking at OUR stuff!

  • sister?

    mommy says we are getting a new sister named keiun on friday. keiun means 'auspicius cloud', like hoshi means star and tsuki means moon. auspishus?…

  • eek!

    the universe changed again. must be very careful when sniffing around rooms we have never seen before. there might be cat-eating predators hiding…

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