The Onineko Sisters (onineko_sisters) wrote,
The Onineko Sisters

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new home

we haven't updated in a while

we like our new home. batting things around on the hardwood floor is really cool.

daddy's friend D~ is strange. he likes making faces at us, and makes bad jokes about eating cats. we think he's stupid. also, he hardly ever gives us treats.

D~'s friend K~ is pretty cool though. she talks to us nice and likes giving us treats. sometimes she visits and sleeps on the fold-out bed downstairs, so we come and sniff around her head, and she thinks that's funny.

daddy says we'll get an outdoor run so we can go out on the sunny deck and watch the birds and moths and so on, just as soon as he can sort out how to build it.

  • wait, a sister is another kitty?

    oh noes, there is another kitty in our house! she keeps walking around poking at OUR stuff!

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