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nice lazy day.

we are having a lazy napping day. daddy has mostly been around, petting us and doing other stuff. he changed the sheets day before yesterday, so we have nice clean sheets to nap on. he also washed the other sheets today and hung them up to dry. they are fluttering in the wind, and that makes them fun to watch. though we'd like to be able to go outside and play with them...

last night there was an odd human here. daddy seemed fairly pleased with her, and she smelled ok -- i think maybe she has a cat at home, which always bodes well -- and we just decided, what the heck, we like this one. hoshi got skritches behind the ears, and purred, leading to exclamations over her cuteness. ha! another human falls under the spell of our feline wiles!

daddy and the other human shared a bottle of that stinky spoiled fruit juice he likes sometimes. humans are just weird. they also had some brown stuff that smelled much nicer, but he wouldn't let us have any. *pout*

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