The Onineko Sisters (onineko_sisters) wrote,
The Onineko Sisters

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stress stress stress

first daddy and the other snuggly human disappeared for days and days and days, and the roommate person fed us different food from usual. then after our regular people came back, the girl-person went away again. and then today there was a strange person here making all kinds of loud noises over by where the litterbox usually sits. daddy says that as soon as he gets a latch to lock it with, he'll leave just the new screen door closed so we can have fresh air from the deck during the day, which sounds nice. he also said that there will be more strange humans around at some point to do more stuff involving doors, and that we'll be able to get in and out of the bedroom even when the door is closed. still, we wish he'd keep all those new people out of our house. they're scary.

  • wait, a sister is another kitty?

    oh noes, there is another kitty in our house! she keeps walking around poking at OUR stuff!

  • sister?

    mommy says we are getting a new sister named keiun on friday. keiun means 'auspicius cloud', like hoshi means star and tsuki means moon. auspishus?…

  • eek!

    the universe changed again. must be very careful when sniffing around rooms we have never seen before. there might be cat-eating predators hiding…

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