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happy birfday to us!

daddy says that today we are two, because it is our birfday. what's a birfday?

anyways, we thought we were already two. we don't really count so well -- we can sometimes manage up to five each, what with the four paws and a tail -- but there definitely seem to be two of us.

anyways, daddy and the snuggly other human have been very nice to us lately. we came and lay on the bed with them last night while they watched the glowy box for a while. that was nice, because it was really cold, and they make much more warmth than we do. cold is bad.

daddy says he's going to try to remember to go out and get a bed-desk like the one we used to have. he says that it's good for sticking a laptop on, in bed, but we know that its real purpose is to make a warm fort under the blankets where we can sleep during winter days while he's at work. warm is good.

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