The Onineko Sisters (onineko_sisters) wrote,
The Onineko Sisters

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this morning, instead of giving us breakfast, daddy stuffed us in a box and took us somewhere scary where some other human poked and prodded at us, and wiped our teeth and gums with icky tooth-cleanser goo. we finally got to have breakfast when we got home, and some treats. but we are definitely not pleased. we are going to hide under the bed for the rest of the day. ___m^oo^m___

  • wait, a sister is another kitty?

    oh noes, there is another kitty in our house! she keeps walking around poking at OUR stuff!

  • sister?

    mommy says we are getting a new sister named keiun on friday. keiun means 'auspicius cloud', like hoshi means star and tsuki means moon. auspishus?…

  • eek!

    the universe changed again. must be very careful when sniffing around rooms we have never seen before. there might be cat-eating predators hiding…

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