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peninsula catworks wants you! (to adopt cute kitties!)

our daddy says that since he has some spare moneys, he's going to give some of them to the peninsula catworks, which is where we came from. except, when we were there, it was called palo alto humane society. which is silly, since we are cats, not humanes. now p.a.h.s. is only for dogs (ew!), and p.c.w. is the part of p.a.h.s. that has cats. daddy says he thinks they might have joined up with cat programs in other parts of silicon valley, since palo alto is not very big, and p.a.h.s. was already having cat fairs in menlo park, and housing most of its cats in mountain view.

daddy says when he got us, he did not have to give the p.a.h.s. any moneys, because he was a volunteer, and he didn't have a whole lot of moneys at the time anyways. now that he has a bunch of moneys, he thinks he should give them some. (does anyone know what a money is? is it like a treat? why is daddy giving them to other cats? why don't we get some?)

anyways, the catworks always has kitties who need good homes, or just need foster care for a few weeks to socialize them so other people can adopt them. more humans should be nice to kitties. (they should also be nice to each other... but cats are more important.)

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