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scary day!

i am home again. hoshi does not seem to be quite sure yet that i am me, though. she came and sniffed around me after i got home, and now she keeps hissing at me and running away when she sees me. i hope she figures out that i am still me, even if the stoopid humans made me smell funny.

daddy put me in the box and took me to the scary vet place. and then he left me there! all day! and the humans there stuck me with a needle and gave me aneesa--... um, annesseh--... er, anethe--...? sleepy stuff. and when i woke up my gums were owie but my teefs do seem extra-specially clean. the vet people think daddy should use a brush on my teefs daily. hah! last time he tried that, he gave up after less than two weeks. i do not like having things poked around in my mouth.

when i got home, i was still sleepy, so i curled up on the bed and took a nap next to daddy while he read his mail. even though he was mean today, he is still ok, i guess. he did come to bring me home, and help me take off the gummy bandage thing on my forepaw when i woke up and it was annoying and i was having trouble chewing it off. i guess i will not kill him in his sleep.


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