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do not poke me with sharp pokey things!

daddy took me to the scary place and they poked me with pointy bits of metal! mean daddy! and it was even before i'd had any breakfast!

fortunately he did not make me stay there all day like when tsuki went there recently.

daddy says i needed to go because some silly people accidentally poisoned some cat food that is kinda like mine, and the poison could give me renal failure, and last week when i was sick it looked similar to how other cats got sick from the poison. i guess that makes sense. i would not want my rens to fail.

anyways, the vet person called and said my rens are just fine. silly worried daddy, making me get poked with sharp things for no reason. now he is saying he needs me to get off the computer so he can look at the pet food express website to look up local, holistic, and organic kinds of pet food. hey! i like my nutro food! stoopid hoomans poison my tasty food so i have to change my diet... change is bad!

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