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or, Home is where the cat is.

The Onineko Sisters
20 September
we are the devilishly cute catsisters who live with our daddy auros and his friend D~ in a nice townhouse where we moved to after living for a year in an apartment with an outdoor run and daddy says we'll get another of those as soon as he can make it and he feeds us lots of nice food and plays with us and sometimes makes us mad by letting in other humans who are not-daddy and we really think he should tell D~ to be nicer to us and maybe feed us and give us treats sometimes but that's ok because we still have food and a big bed to snuggle on and a daddy and we get to run around and play with things though sometimes he takes the things away especially when they're shiny or pointy and hey look at that hummingbird outside we have to go meow at the window and maybe run up and down the stairs